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5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going on Manaslu Circuit Trek

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going on Manaslu Circuit Trek

Namaste! Starting off with a casual Namaste, a respectful gesture for Nepalese. I have few words to shoot for individuals who are intending to visit Nepal.


Based on fitness and experience levels there are many trekking and hiking spots in Nepal. Other than scaling giant mount Everest you will have tons of opportunities. Here I am talking about Manaslu Circuit trek.

Despite the recent hype, Manaslu region still stays remote. Off-beaten path of Manaslu trail is less crowded than other classic base camp trails in Nepal. From epic sceneries to Himalayan high pass this trek takes you to the base of world's eighth highest mountain "Mt Manaslu" in the world.

If you are up for this trek, here are few things you need to know before going on Manaslu circuit trek.

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going on Manaslu Circuit Trek

1. Why Manaslu is named as circuit trek?

For circuit trek, the beginning and end point are different. A beginning point means where you begin your trek, the main destination or spot. Ending Point Is where the trip ends, the final destination or spot.

Having said that, during regular Base Camps treks like Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp, you normally start with your main destination and you ultimately return to where you started which means, you just retrace your steps back to the same destination.

However, for Manaslu, instead of retracing your step, you are making a loop in your trek. You begin your trek from Sotikhola or Arughat, reach Tsum Valley followed by Manaslu Base Camp and on crossing Larke Pass you wind up in Beshi Sahar.

2. This Is The Killer Mountain

The treacherous slopes of Manaslu took away lives of 60 people so it is named as "killer mountain" by locals. The world's 8th highest peak towering above the pine forests of Budhi Gandaki River, may not be famous as its bigger buddies Everest and Annapurna but it's really challenging mountain "the 4th most dangerous 8000 m peak", after Annapurna, Nanga Parbat, and K2.

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going on Manaslu Circuit Trek

3. Travel With A Company

Since its less crowded wild and remote it is advised that you come with a company. It's not safe for a solo traveler with no prior experience in trekking. However, there are teahouses now which makes it accessible.

It is recommended that you take a local guide and get most out form this trek.

4. Be Careful Of Falling Objects

After 2015 earthquake, this region is risky. There are risks of landslides and rockfall so the government has advised travelers not to go alone. Danger follows your way as you pass form Khorlabesi to Tatopani. So it's always safe to have a guide. Trekking Guide is familiar with the place and possible danger that come along the way.

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going on Manaslu Circuit Trek

Read about the Types of the Mountain Guides by the link

5. Book Before You Leave

Without a doubt, Manaslu trek is one of the best trails Nepal has to offer. Manaslu features all great aspect of classic trek yet stays off-beaten path compared to other popular teahouse treks in Nepal.

Since other mainstream trekking trails — Everest and Annapurna are most popular among the travelers,

Manaslu is overshadowed by its predecessors. And because of that, there aren't many tea houses and lodges around the place. Fewer lodges to stay means you might have to spend the night in tent or you would book yourself a room beforehand. If you are traveling with a company or guide they have proper arrangement made, nothing to bother about.

How to get there

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is closest to Kathmandu and easily accessible. Take a bus from Kathmandu to Arughat. Now you can take Jeep or walk 5 hours to get to Soti Khola where you will start your trek. The starting point and ending point can be customized according to your time and stay.

The Manaslu Trek ends at Beshisahar.

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going on Manaslu Circuit Trek

Phone network/Wifi/Internet

If you get wifi service in local hotels then you are in Luck. Both cellular network and internet service are very poor. So it's a good idea to take CDMA SIM or take Local Sim with data package NTC/NCell. CDMA works fine in this region however you can try NTC/NCell you might get signal and probably browse internet through data package.

" Wired Telephone can be the option in the end".

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going on Manaslu Circuit Trek


Besides cellular network, Manaslu region has got another problem and that is electricity. A large portion of local people use solar panels for charging and some use electricity supplied from local hydropower projects.

The charging is easy on places supplied by hydropower while you will face difficulties where solar power is used. And you might have to spend some money just for charging your camera batteries &

cellphone. Some lodges charge a certain rate for each hour for charging.

What to expect

❖ Basic accommodation in tea houses and lodges

❖ Limited menus for food and drinks

❖ Bucket full of boiled water for shower, not facilitated bathrooms

❖ Mineral water can cost extra money

❖ Weak Internet connection

❖ Sleeping in tents


You require a trekking permit for the Manaslu Trek. Solo trekkers are not allowed, a minimum group size of 2 is required.

Major Highlights

➔ Scenic drive to Auraghat from Kathmandu

➔ Multiple variations for the trek

➔ Part of The Great Himalaya Trail

➔ Traditional villages of samdo, samagaun

➔ Crossover high pass, Larkya Pass (5125 m)

➔ Trek to Manaslu Base Camp

➔ Manaslu (8156 m) — the 8th highest mountain in the world

➔ Diverse landscape, off beaten path

➔ fascinating region with Tibetan and Gurung influences.

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