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Janome Pink Sorbet - The Best Sewing Machine For Kids Reviews

Janome Pink Sorbet - The Best Sewing Machine For Kids Reviews

If your kids love creating something unique like crafts, or they will join fashion design courses, how do you choose the perfect sewing machine that fits them?

A piece of pink and cute equipment that your children have seen on the Internet or TV doesn't mean it is suitable for them. You have to know that sewing machines for beginners and kids are all different from each other.

The right sewing equipment is extremely important because it will decide how long your children keep their sewing hobby, and how many benefits it can provide your kids with.

Actually, sewing with the best sewing machine for beginners and kids will foster their coordination of hands and eyes, creativity, etc.

Janome Pink Sorbet - The Best Sewing Machine For Kids Reviews

According to safety, user-friendliness, and authenticity, I have figured out an excellent sewing machine that you should take into account. It is the Janome Pink Sorbet.

Let's have a close look!

Janome Pink Sorbet Sewing Machine

I'm sure that this Pink Sorbet is a dream of every little girl that inspires her to become a famous fashion designer. This item features all things a beginner will need to turn her visions to be real.

Interestingly, it comes with a vast array of features and a special design for little hands and fingers.

Inside the metal frame has twin-spool pins, 4 presser feet, 3-piece feed dog, a lot of accessories, and flexible thread tension.

Most importantly, there is a wide throat space and stitch width/length adjustment up to 4x5 mm respectively. That's why this model is versatile to sew different tasks from simple clothes to more complicated projects.

Additionally, it features 15 inbuilt stitches such as straight, satin, zigzag, etc. a 4-step buttonhole, a bobbin system loading from the front with guidance. Well, this is the best heavy duty sewing machine for home use with moderate projects like making dresses for tea parties.

Janome Pink Sorbet - The Best Sewing Machine For Kids Reviews

Moreover, Janome provides you with 3 vivid colors. Aside from the pink sorbet (the version we are talking about), crystal version (the same as sea-foam green) and couture version (the same as periwinkle blue) are available on the market.


Girls will fall in love with the adorable appearance of this Janome's machine.

This item is super easy to understand and operate with tutorial clips, a quick start guide, printed bobbin directions, and a diagram on the machine's case.

It comes with 15 most common stitches that allow you to designs with no limitation. The maximum stitching speed is 800 SPM that is fast and powerful.

Other excellent features include an LED lamp for lighting up sewing space, and a free arm for hemming or sewing small openings without a hitch.

Last but not least, 25 years of warranty ensures that your machine will always get the best protection and care.


Honestly, this Janome is quite costly like other Janome's beginner sewing machines because of the added accessories and features.

It is an easy sewing machine for beginners and kids except for its bobbin loading from the front.

Another drawback is the absence of a thread trimmer. As a result, you may feel inconvenient sometimes because you have to snip threads manually with a scissor.

Lastly, there is no carrying case attached in the box of this Janome's machine. You can buy a separate hardcover to protect your machine properly.

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