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Sarki sherpa Samten hodser

39 years, Nepal

6 years ago

Nepal Tourism, Why tourism in Nepal?

Are you planning for your upcoming vacations? 

Are you thinking about going somewhere with perplexing beauty and mesmerizing aesthetics? 

Are you having a hard time making travel decisions?

Well, not fear, because as usual, I am here. In this blog post, we will be talking entirely about Nepal tourism and why you should consider tourism in Nepal.

The tourism has evolved to be one of the largest industries in Nepal, employing a considerably large number of peoples, providing a considerable contribution to the national GDP, and standing out as the largest source of foreign income in the country. Tourism holds a great essence to the Nepalese economy as well as to the peoples.

You can just imagine how your days will go in a country where guests are considered to be an avatar of Gods and Goddesses. You will not only be able to enjoy the scenic environment of the country, observe the truly mythical culture of different peoples, rest in the lap of nature, but also you will be treated as a God or Goddesses by almost every single Nepalese that you will encounter. And how cool is that, huh?

Tourism in Nepal is truly a mysterious and thrilling journey, believe me, that you will never want to miss in your life. 

So, Why Tourism in Nepal?

Tourism in Nepal is full of awesome surprises and stuff that you will see, feel or experience nowhere on earth except here. In a small country with a small population of 30 million, you will encounter peoples belonging to more than 120 ethnic groups, having a unique culture, tradition, their own unique language, and their own unique lifestyle. So, it will be like traveling to 120 different countries while observing those peoples. 

Whatever kind of person you are, Nepal would definitely fathom to your desires and requirements and automatically try to fulfill them.

If you are a peace loving person,

Then you will very much enjoy the peaceful environment of Nepal. Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, who founded the great Buddhist religion. He is known as the light of Asia and every Nepalese is proud to say that Lumbini of Nepal was the origin of that light which enlightened the whole Asia and eventually many parts of the world.

If you are some adventure-loving person,

Then you can have your "zeal and thirst of an activity with lifelong remembrance" quenched in Nepal. Almost all kinds of adventurous activities, like rock climbing, paragliding, white water rafting, canyoning, Bungy Jumping, Mountain Biking and other, are available in Nepal. You can also climb a mountain if you have the cubage to do so. You will never get out of the ‘things to do’ list in Nepal. 

If you are some kind of wildlife-crazy person or some kinds of researcher,

Then Nepal, no doubt, should be your prior cogitation, provided that Nepal has 10 national parks. There are 3 conservation areas to conserve the wildlife of Nepal. There are 3 wildlife reserves. There is also a hunting reserve in the country.

 And what’s more?

There are 181 species of mammals found in Nepal alone. There are 873 bird species, which constitutes of around 8% of the total species of bird in the world. Nepal is also rich for its whooping 600 butterflies’ species. There are many more diversities in such a small country like Nepal. So, it won’t be illicit to say that the country is an open book for scientists, researchers and a perfect destination for wildlife lovers.

If you are coming with your family for tourism in Nepal,

Then you and your family members will absolutely love this place. Every member of your family will have things to do in the country. It has fun parks and amusement parks for small kids, adventurous things to do for you, recreational activity for people of all age and religious and cultural sites for old peoples.

If your friend has just suggested you to check out Nepal tourism,

Then he surely might have mentioned the name of ‘Pokhara’. Pokhara is like a dreamland for the majority of tourists who visit Nepal. It hosts almost everything for almost every kind of tourists. It’s like traveling in a whole new country within the country. You will never be able to forget the picturesque view of the city from Sarangkot, the moment when falling from a very high altitude with nothing but a bag (Parachuting), boating through the serene Arcadia in different lakes, strolling in the peaceful lakeside in the evening or at night. These are the moments that will have an endless nostalgic effect on your mind once you experience it. 

The list just goes on and on without any fixed termination. The more you think about Nepal, the more you can write because there are endless possibilities to talk about. 

I fervently suggest to all the people out there in this world to travel to Nepal at least once in your lifetime. Believe me, you will later embrace your decision to involve in Nepal tourism, if you did make that decision.

Traveling to Nepal will truly be a very new and awesome experience for you which you should visit at least once in your lifetime. If you had already visited Nepal, then you can share your personal feelings or opinions below in the comment section and let others know how big mistake they are committing by not involving in tourism in Nepal


Nepal,an exquisite destination for travel Edit article
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Nepal,an exquisite destination for travel Edit article
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