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Top 4 Sewing Tools Beginners Must Have

Top 4 Sewing Tools Beginners Must Have

You are a beginner to stitching and just know about basic knowledge of sewing, right? There are some things that you must have to help you start along with sewing work. This post will give you some information about it. And not only that, here is the post of Which Is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews And Comparison with many useful information!

1 - Good pins

There are many kinds of pins such as glass head ones, plain ones, short or long ones. We recommend that you should invest in glass head pins. The reason is those set of pins are affordable and suitable for any materials. The difference of glass head pins from others is that it makes from the glass. While plastic pins are affected or change the shape in high temperature, glass head pins are not. Moreover, glass head pins can go with any materials, from linen, denim to wool. Thus, it can response all the need when you are sewing.

Top 4 Sewing Tools Beginners Must Have

Glass head pins can go with any materials

2 - Scissors

Every beginner kit needs to have at least 3 pairs of scissors.

The first one should be a simplest but the quality of scissors must be high. The higher you pay, the more excellent the scissors you will get. High-quality scissors will help you work with any material. If you are stuck with your pair of scissors right now, your scissors aren't adequate. Thus, you should invest a little more money in worthy scissors. So, your project will be safer and better. Moreover, make sure that your scissors only use to cut material. You shouldn't let your youngsters or other family members use it (especially to cut hard objects).

The second scissors you should have is a smaller size with sharp points. It can be used to cut threads or left-over material, clip on the point of seam lines or curves. Thus, you should put it next to your machine.

Paper scissors are the final item on your sewing kit. It is a popular thing that you can use for everything apart from the material. There are many fantastic patterns that you can choose from the internet if you are a newbie. You can search the patterns on the internet and print it to use. Besides, you also need a good sewing machine for beginners which will help you a lot in handling your first sewing projects!

3 - Marking tools

You should also have a mark measurement to mark the fabric or design your own patterns. Depend on your preference and budget, you can choose your suitable marking tools. You can research to find out the most suitable marking tool for your material. Then, you will know the suitable marking tool for a specific surface, thickness, and stability of fabrics. Thick and stable material like cotton can go with a tracing wheel. It is quite easy to use. You need to put a double-faced sheet of paper between the 2 layers of material beneath the pattern marking. Then, a tracing wheel trace the lines will be marked. The mark can be transferred onto the material by a wheel.

4 - Measurement tools

Top 4 Sewing Tools Beginners Must Have

Measurement tools are very important tools

Measurement tools are very important tools for sewers especially beginners. A straight plastic ruler will be mentioned when we talk about measurement. But, it is only useful when you making a tote bag or small cute accessories. For clothing, a straight plastic ruler is not a good choice. When you take body measurements, you will need a measurement tape. A 2-3 meters measurement tape is suitable for basic use. Remember to choose a measurement tape with the number on both sides. And if you want to know about the best basic sewing machine, please read this post http://plataformadeaprendizaje.iom.int/blog/index.php?entryid=724, there are many interesting things for you!

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