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How to fill up your profile

1. After registering on the site, you need to fill up the information about yourself as completely as possible. Start with a photo of yourself and cover photo. If you are the member of any guides association, you can also specify its logo.


2. One of the most important thing to do is verification your profile. For that, click “Settings”. Find “Verification”. Enter your phone number in the field. In few seconds, you will get SMS with password you need to fill in the field that appear. In addition, you can connect your Facebook, Google and Linkedin pages for easily sing in on Mountain Planet. 

How to fill up your profileHow to fill up your profile

3. After that, tell a few words about yourself. Specify what languages and skills you have. Download licenses, certificates and qualifications.

How to fill up your profile

4. Add more photo about yourself and your work

How to fill up your profile

5. And go on to create and complete your guided tours:

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