Expedition Name(s) Khan-Tengri in augus...     Group Size: 10
Alternative Name(s): Khan-Tengri in august 2018, по Северо-Восточному ребру плеча пика Чапаева, via Chapaev shoulder, North, с Севера, Northern Inylchek, Иныльчек... Read more     Activity Type: Mountaineering
Mountain name: Khan Tengri     Activity Level: Extreme
Mountain Range: Tien Shan     Price: $ 1200
Route Name: North-East Rib     Duration: 21 days
Country: Kyrgyzstan     Dates: 11 August 2018 - 01 September 2018


Hello! I'm going to carry on this expedition in the end of summer 2018. Timeline is fixed, helicopter flights are on 14-31 th August. Experienced mountaineers or tourists with 6000+ meters experience are welcome!
I prefer this route (from the north) due to its avalance safety compared to the south path.
For transfers to BC and all expedition management i'm going to collaborate with some local operator.
1200$ - is approximately cost of this program, which not includes your flight to Kyrgyzstan, personal equipment and insurance.
Also, all the details, services and costs are negotiable. So feel free to make some advice and recommendations, if you have idea about it.
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