Expedition Name(s) Lobuche Peak 6119m.     Group Size: 0
Alternative Name(s): Lobuche Peak 6119m., Трекинг Эверест - Кала Паттар     Activity Type: Mountaineering
Mountain name:     Activity Level: Moderate
Mountain Range: Himalaya     Price: $ 0
Route Name: Everest Kala Patthar Trek     Duration: 15 days
Country:     Dates: 30 September 2017 - 15 October 2017


The superb views from Lobuche Peak make it one of the most quintessentially-popular Himalayan treks, despite its difficulty level being a bit more challenging than that of nearby Island Peak. From the summit, you’ll be able to gaze out at mighty Everest, as well as several peaks on the Tibetan side of the Rongbuk. It’s an experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime.
We gear up for the Lobuche summit push with a stop at the Everest Base Camp. Here, you’ll get a feel for mountain life and a lesson on climbing. Our bodies will also acclimatized for the thin air atop Lobuche! Altitude sickness is something we strive to avoid, and our carefully-crafted itinerary is designed for optimal adjustment. En route, we’ll climb the “black rock” of Kala Patthar, and experience a jaw-dropping Himalayan panorama.
Of course, it’s as much about the journey as the destination. Our trek will bring us through charming Sherpa villages, where you’ll experience a taste of how humans survive some of the most inhospitable homesteads on Earth, and learn that hospitality truly claims no language. Your photographs will be stunning, and your memories will be amazing.
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