Expedition Name(s) Nun Climb 2019     Group Size: 10
Alternative Name(s): Nun Climb 2019, юго-западный гребень     Activity Type: Mountaineering
Mountain name: Nunkun     Activity Level: Extreme
Mountain Range: Himalaya     Price: $ 5040
Route Name: Southwest ridge route     Duration: 26 days
Country: India     Dates: 29 July 2019 - 24 August 2019


Nun is the highest peak in between Zanskar and Kargil regions of Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas. The approach to Nun Base Camp is appealingly short and easily accessible by road. Its a serious mountain to climb as it offers all the technicalities a Himalayan mountain has to offer to test your mountaineering skills. Besides its a perfect mountain(7000m+) to add up to your climbing profile.... Read more


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