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Mountain Name(s): Damavand, Damavand, Damávand, Damāvand, Demawend, Mont Damavand, Monte Damavand, Mount Damavand, كوه دماوند, ዳማቫንድ, 德馬峰, Kūh-e Damāvand, Демавенд... More     Geology: Volcanic
Elevation: 5671 m / 18605.6 ft     Snow line: 4500 m / 14763.8 ft
Summit(s): Main Summit (5 671 m /18 606 feet)
    Prominence: 4 667 m/15 312 ft
Location: Iran(Māzandarān);     Isolation: 1 164 000 km/3 818 900 miles
Latitude/Longitude: 35°57'18.288''N
    Climbing Season(s): 01 Jun - 30 Sep;
Parent Range: Please update     Nearest Airport(s): Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA);
Range: Please update     Convenience Center(s): Tehrān;
First Ascent: ??/??/1837 Taylor Thompson (United Kingdom)     National Park(s): Lar National Park;

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Mt Damavand 5671m is one of the Volcanic Seven Summits Mount Damavand, situated in Iran, stands tall as the highest volcano in all of Asia, at 5,671 m. A potentially active volcano, it has fumaroles near the summit crater that release sulfur gas and whose last recorded activity was in 2007. Damavand is considered the Mount Olympus of Persian literature and mythology, where it has long stood as a symbol of resistance against invasion and tyranny. Today, thermal springs with curative properties on the volcano’s flanks are an undoubted attraction for those who visit and attempt one of the 16 known routes of varying difficulty to the summit. Then, of course, there are the views. Damavand is the highest volcano in Asia, a part of the "7

Volcanoes" program and is relatively easy to climb mountain.
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The best major settlement for mountain climbers is the new Iranian Mountain Federation Camp in Polour village, located on the south of the mountain.
There are at least 16 known routes to the summit which have different difficulties. Some of them are very dangerous and require rock climbing. The most popular route is the Southern Route which has step stamps and also a camp midway called Bargah Sevom Camp/Shelter at 4220 m (about 13,845 ft). The longest route is the Northeastern and it takes two whole days to reach the summit starting from downhill village of Nāndal and a night stay at Takht-e F
ereydoun (elevation 4300 m - about 13,000 ft), a two-story shelter. The western route is famous for its sunset view. Sīmorgh shelter in this route at 4100 m (about 13,500 ft) is a newly constructed shelter with two stories. There is a frozen waterfall/Icefall (Persian name Ābshār Yakhī)about 12m tall and the elevation of 5100m is the highest fall in Iran and Middle East.... Read more

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The mountain is located in the middle Alborz Range, near the

southern coast of the Caspian Sea, 66 kilometres (41 miles)

northeast of Tehran.

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By car from Tehran to the village Polur near Damavand.

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Permit is required.

Asia, Iran: Māzandarān

  • Damavand
  • Mountaineering - 4 Day(s)
  • 1 Jun - 30 Sep
  • Moderate/ Challenging 
  • 1 people climbed it

Asia, Iran: Māzandarān

  • Damavand
  • Mountaineering - 6 Day(s)
  • 1 Jun - 30 Sep
  • Moderate/ Challenging 
  • 0 people climbed it

Asia, Iran: Māzandarān

  • Damavand
  • Backcountry Skiing - 9 ...
  • 1 Dec - 31 May
  • Challenging 
  • 0 people climbed it

Nepal: Central Region

  • 23 Nov 2016 - 2 Dec 2017
  • Damavand(5671 m)
  • South Route



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• Damavand is a significant mountain in Persian mythology. It is the symbol of Iranian resistance against despotism and foreign rule in Persian poetry and literature. In Zoroastrian texts and mythology, the three-headed dragon Aži Dahāka was chained within Mount Damāvand, there to remain until the end of the world.


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