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Mountain Name(s): Mount Vinson, Macizo Vinson, Maciço Vinson, Masivul Vinson, Massiccio Vinson, Massif Vinson, Massís Vinson, Masyw Vinsona, Menez Vinson, Mount Vinson, Vinson, Vinson Dağı, Vinson Massif, Vinsona masīvs, Vinsonin massiivi, Vinsonmassief, Vinsono masyvas, Винсонов Масив, Гара Вінсан, Масив Винсън, Масив Вінсон, Массив Винсон, וינסון מסיב, توده وینسون, فينسون ماسيف, ٹلہ ونسن, ভিনসন ম্যাসিফ, ยอดเขาวินสันแมสซิฟ, ვინსონის მასივი, ቪንሶን ማሲፍ, ヴィンソン・マシフ, 文森山, 빈슨 산괴, Массив Винсона, Vinson Massif... More     Geology: Tectonic
Elevation: 4897 m / 16066.3 ft     Snow line: 1 m / 3.28 ft
Summit(s): Main Summit; (4 897 m /16 066 feet)
    Prominence: 4 897 m/16 066 ft
Location: Antarctica     Isolation: 4 910 km/3 049 miles
Latitude/Longitude: -78°-34'-59.988''S
    Climbing Season(s): 15 Nov - 15 Feb;
Parent Range: Ellsworth Mountains     Nearest Airport(s): Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport (PUQ);
Range: Sentinel Range     Convenience Center(s): Punta Arenas;
First Ascent: 18/12/1966 Nicholas Clinch (USA)     National Park(s): Please update

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Climbing the highest peak of the continent - a mandatory point for those who perform the "7 Summits" program. Expedition is expensive and challenging because of low temperatures and logistics. Vinson Massif is a serious mountain due to its elevation, cold and remoteness. Skills of using a crampons and climbing by fixed ropes are very required.

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Vinson Massif is the highest mountain of Antarctica, lying in the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth Mountains. It's no doubt the most visited mountain in Antarctica - according to statistic of 2010 the mountain have been already summited by more than 1500 climbers.

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Vinson Massif is located in the northern part of the mainland of Antarctica - about 600 kilometres from Antarctic Peninsula and about 1200 kilometres from the South Pole. Distance to the nearest international airport (Punta Arenas, Chile) is more than 2900 kilometres.

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By plane from Punta Arenas (Chile) to Chilean antarctic station Patriot Hills or to Union Glacier (base Ellsworth Mountains operated by Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions). From there by ski landing gear plane to Vinson Massif base camp.

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It is necessary to fill out the forms for visiting Antarctica (provided by tour operator). Insurance for an amount not less than 150 000$ is required.

Antarctica, Antarctica:

  • Mount Vinson
  • Mountaineering - 17 Day(s)
  • 15 Nov - 15 Feb
  • Challenging/ Tough 
  • 3 people climbed it


  • Mount Vinson
  • Mountaineering - 0 Day(s)
  • Please update
  • Moderate/ Challenging 
  • 0 people climbed it



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• Vinson Massif is no doubt the most visited mountain in Antarctica - according to statistic of 2010 the mountain have been already summited by more than 1500 climbers.


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