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Mountain Name(s): Greater Ararat, Ararat, Арарат, Большой Арарат     Geology: Volcanic
Elevation: 5137 m / 16853.7 ft     Snow line: 3800 m / 12467.2 ft
Summit(s): Greater Ararat; (5 137 m /16 854 feet)
    Prominence: 3 611 m/11 847 ft
Location: Turkey(Iğdır);     Isolation: 379 380 km/1 244 680 miles
Latitude/Longitude: 39°42'6.385''N
    Climbing Season(s): 01 Jun - 30 Sep;
Parent Range: Please update     Nearest Airport(s): Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW);
Range: Ararat Massif     Convenience Center(s): Van;
First Ascent: 27/9/1829 Dr. Friedrich Parrot (Germany), Khachatur Abovian (Armenia), Alexey Zdorovenko (Russia), Matvey Chaplanov , Ovannes Ayvazyan , Murad Pogosyan ... More     National Park(s): Please update

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Ararat is the second highest peak in the Middle East and third in Europe.

Travel to these places is also interesting because of the ancient times legends. According to the Bible Noah's Ark escaped from the Flood landed to the top of the mountains of Ararat.

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Big Ararat is one of two fused at the base cones that make up an array of extinct stratovolcano. The second peak is called the Little Ararat and lies 11 km from the first one. The top of the Great Ararat (5165 m) is the highest point in Turkey.

Climbing the mountain is not difficult. No technical mountaineering skills are required. The ascent is suitable for children from 12 years. The expedition lasts for 4 days, staying at a camp on the mountain.

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Located in Turkish Igdir region, 16 km from the Iranian border, 32 km from the border with Armenia.

Getting there Edit

By plane from Istanbul to Van. Then by car to Dogubiazit, and to the Elie village where the climb to the first camp (3340m) begins.

Red Tape Edit

Mount Ararat is located in the border area and a permission of the Turkish authorities is required. If you are organizing a trip through a travel agency, you must apply for a permit no later than 30 days before the expedition.

Europe, Turkey: Van

  • Greater Ararat
  • Mountaineering - 8 Day(s)
  • 1 Jun - 30 Sep
  • Moderate/ Challenging 
  • 5 people climbed it



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• Volcano is located on the territory of Turkey, although historically the mountain belongs to Armenia.


• The last eruption of Ararat occurred July 2, 1840; it was accompanied by an earthquake. As a result of earthquakes and avalanches have been destroyed monastery of St. Jacob and Arguri village located on a hill; since then there are no permanent settlements on the slopes.


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