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Mountain Name(s): Mount Hunter, Begguya, Hunter, Хантер     Geology: Tectonic
Elevation: 4442 m / 14573.5 ft     Snow line: 1500 m / 4921.26 ft
Summit(s): Main Summit (4 442 m /14 574 feet)
South Summit (4 257 m /13 967 feet)
    Prominence: 4 633 m/15 200 ft
Location: United States (USA)(Alaska);     Isolation: 11 km/7 miles
Latitude/Longitude: 62°57'2.988''N
    Climbing Season(s): 15 Apr - 15 Jul;
Parent Range: North American Cordillera     Nearest Airport(s): Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC);
Range: Denali Massif     Convenience Center(s): Anchorage; Talkeetna;
First Ascent: ??/7/1954 Henry Meybohm , Heinrich Harrer (Austria), Fred Beckey (USA)... More     National Park(s): Denali National Park and Preserve;

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"Mount Hunter is a siren. Its seductive song captivated me the

fist time I heard it. I have thrown aside logic and maybe even

reason to try to climb it. I am not alone in this bewitchment. 

Those of us who have been drawn to Mt. Hunter have never

been the same. Few successful ascents have been achieved

without epics; many have come to disaster on its sides. Yet the

mountain is not malevolent. It sings the song it was meant to


Only our passion, our curiosity and our hubris make us

vulnerable to the pull. The song Mt. Hunter sings is that of

possibility...And i
t is possibility combined with vision and

courage that has always been the hallmark of a great ascent"

-Scott Backes, an American mountaineer, Alpinist 9.
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Mount Hunter has a complex structure: it is topped by a large,

low-angled glacier plateau, connecting the North (Main)

Summit and the South Summit (13,965 feet/4,257 m). Long,

corniced ridges extend in various directions; between them are

exceptionally steep faces.

Mt Hunter is the steepest and most technical of the three great

peaks in Denali National Park due to its steep faces and

corniced ridges.

With the status of being the hardest 14,000 ft mountain in

North America, few people attempt the climb and less than 40%

typically succeed. This iconic abutment in the
Alaska Range

houses half a dozen routes. Gaining the higher north peak is

difficult by any route and requires the utmost in stamina,

fortitude, and perseverance. Climbing West Ridge is a

combination of expedition and alpine climbing strategies.
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Located in the central, highest part of the Alaskan mountains,

13 kilometers from Denali, 200 km from Anchorage, 85 of


Getting there Edit

Transfer from Anchorage to Talkeetna (70-90$) one way.

With air taxi from the airport near Talkeetna village. Several

companies - carriers are operating there. Round-trip ticket will

cost approximately 400-500 dollars.

Red Tape Edit

Climbers must pay the Denali National Park entrance fee of $10 per individual

North America, United States (USA):

  • Mount Hunter
  • Mountaineering - 14 Day(s)
  • 15 Apr - 15 Jul
  • Challenging/ Tough 
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