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Mountain Name(s): Lenin Peak, Lenin Peak, Lenini mäetipp, Nepriklausomybės viršukalnė, Onafhankelijkheidsberg, Pic Lénine, Picco dell'Indipendenza, Pico Lenin, Pik Lenin, Pik Lenina, Đỉnh Lenin, Пик Ленина, Ленин, Абу Али ибн Сины... More     Geology: Tectonic
Elevation: 7134 m / 23405.5 ft     Snow line: 4200 m / 13779.5 ft
Summit(s): Main Summit (7 134 m /23 406 feet)
    Prominence: 2 790 m/9 154 ft
Location: Kyrgyzstan(Osh Oblasty); Tajikistan(Gorno-Badakhshan);     Isolation: 86 790 km/284 744 miles
Latitude/Longitude: 39°20'0.6''N
    Climbing Season(s): 15 Jun - 31 Aug;
Parent Range: Pamir Mountains     Nearest Airport(s): Bishkek/Manas Airport (FRU);
Range: Please update     Convenience Center(s): Osh;
First Ascent: 25/9/1928 Erwin Schneider (Germany), Eugen Allwein (Germany), Karl Wien (Germany)... More     National Park(s): Pamirsky National Park;

Your Chance To Edit

Mountain attracts those who have not been at 7000, but

wants to commit such an ascent. The fact that the route is not

technically difficult lets you focus on "getting acquainted with

the height."

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Lenin Peak - one of the highest peaks of Central Asia, located

in the Pamir. On the territory of the former Soviet Union, and

now the CIS, there are five seventhousanders and Lenin Peak

is one of them. Beautiful and impressive mountain, the classic

route to the top has no steep rock and ice areas, and the

whole path is traversed in the ligaments. Considered one of

the most affordable seventhousanders - but this does not

mean that access it easily. Not everyone feels good at this


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Location Edit

Mountain is located on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Getting there Edit

Plane to city of Osh/Bishkek, thence by car to Achik Tash (3600).

Red Tape Edit

You’ll need to get a pass for border area.
Need accident insurance.

Asia, Kyrgyzstan:

  • Lenin Peak
  • Mountaineering - 20 Day(s)
  • 15 Jun - 31 Aug
  • Tough/ Extreme 
  • 5 people climbed it

Asia, Tajikistan: , Kyrgyzstan:

  • Lenin Peak
  • Hiking - 5 Day(s)
  • 15 Jun - 31 Aug
  • Moderate 
  • 0 people climbed it



DID YOU KNOW (1) Edit Add

• July 4, 2006 Lenin Peak was renamed peak Abu Ali Ibn Sina by

decision of the Government of Tajikistan. Mountain is still

called Lenin Peak in Kyrgyzstan.


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