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Range Name(s): Arctic Cordillera, Арктические Кордильеры     Geology: Tectonic
Max. Elevation: 2 616 m / 8 583 ft     Snow Line: Please update
Region(s): North America     Average Length: 1 863 miles / 3 000 km
Location: Canada: Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Quebec;     Average Width: Please update
Activity Type: Please update     Latitude/Longitude: 75°1'42.143''N
Parent Range: Please update     Nearest Airport(s): Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport (YOW);
National Park(s): National Park Auyuittuk; Quttinirpaaq National Park; Torngat Mountains National Park of Canada;     Convenience Center(s): Iqaluit;


Of all the archipelago's Baffin Island is the most visited one - it is one of largest islands on the planet. It meets all the expectations of typical Arctic: polar day and night, the northern lights, ice shell, icebergs, polar bears, caribou, walrus.
People come here to explore the nature of the North, meet the life of a small local Inuit population, for ski-touring and mountaineering, which is kn
own here for the complicity of large walls.
The area is very poorly explored by climbers and has great potential for interesting and difficult first ascents. Most of the walls located on the peninsula of Cumberland, in the National Park Auyuittuq, and on the coast in the vicinity of the River Clyde, where a large number of vertical walls rising up from the sea.
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Arctic Cordillera - a broad, deep excision mountain system that consists of several ranges.
Cordillera mountain system located on Arctic islands in different regions: Bathurst, Cornwall, Amund Ringnes, Ellef Ringnes, Ellesmere Island , Baffin Island, Bylot Labrador. The highest part of the system is one on the Ellesmere Island (up to 2616), while the most popular part of the Arctic Cordillera is o
n Baffin Island are much lower - it reaches only 2143 m.... Read more


Mountain system stretches along the north-eastern edge of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago from Ellesmere Island across Baffin Island to the northern part of the Labrador Peninsula. System’s mountains also covers most of the eastern coast of Nunavut (part of the North American continent). To the east, the Arctic Cordillera limited by Baffin sea, Davis Strait and Labrador Sea, and the northern part of the ridge bordering the Arctic Ocean.... Read more

North America, Canada:

  • 1 963 m / 6 440 ft
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North America, Canada: Nunavut

  • 2 147 m / 7 044 ft
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North America, Canada: Nunavut

  • 2 015 m / 6 611 ft
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• The first climbing expedition to Arctic Cordillera were organized in the 1950s. In 1953, Canadian - Swiss group has made a number of first ascents to the main peaks in the area Akshayak Pass, including mountains Odin and Asgard. They initiated the tradition of giving local peaks the names based on Norse mythology.
The main development of mountaineering and ski mountaineering on Baffin Island were in the 1970s.
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• Arctic Cordillera - is one of three mountain systems in Canada (the other two are the northern part of the Cordillera in Western Canada and a part of the Appalachians to the Gaspé Peninsula and Atlantic Canada).



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