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Range Name(s): Caucasus Mountains, Кавказ, Caucasus, Кавказские Горы     Geology: Tectonic, Volcanic
Max. Elevation: 5 642 m / 18 511 ft     Snow Line: Please update
Region(s): Europe     Average Length: Please update
Location: Russia: Kabardino-Balkarskaya Respublika; Georgia: Armenia: Azerbaijan:     Average Width:
Activity Type: Mountaineering, Hiking, Backcountry Skiing     Latitude/Longitude: 42°5'9.577''N
Parent Range: Please update     Nearest Airport(s): Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV);
National Park(s): Tusheti National Park; Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park; Prielbrusye National Park; Caucasus Nature Reserve; Teberdinskiy National Park; Kazbegi National Park; Arpi National Park; Sochi National Park; Shahdag National Park;     Convenience Center(s): Terskol;


The main Caucasus range is often considered part of the boundary that separates the state of mind that is Europe from that of Asia, despite aspirations of people to the south to be a part of Europe. The highest peak is Mount Elbrus at 18,510 feet (5,642 meters), making it the highest in Europe; other prominent summits include Kazbek (Qazbegi) in Georgia at 16,558 feet (5,047 meters). The lands to the south are protected by the barrier they form against the cold northern winds, to the point that lands along the Black Sea coast, although at latitudes above 40º N, possess a subtropical climate.... Read more


The Caucasus Mountains include the Greater Caucasus in the north and Lesser Caucasus in the south. The Greater Caucasus runs west-northwest to east-southeast, from the Caucasian Natural Reserve in the vicinity of Sochi on the northeastern shore of the Black Sea nearly to Baku on the Caspian Sea. The Lesser Caucasus runs parallel to the Greater about 100 km (62 mi) south.[1] Between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus ranges are connected by the Likhi Range, and to the west and east of the Likhi Range lie the Colchis Plain and the Kur-Araz Lowland. The Meskheti Range is a part of the Lesser Caucasus system. In the southeast the Aras River separates the Lesser Caucasus from the Talysh Mountains which straddle the border of southeastern Azerbaijan and Iran. The Lesser Caucasus and the Armenian Highland constitute the Transcaucasian Highland, which at their western end converge with the highland plateau of Eastern Anatolia in the far north east of Turkey. The highest peak in the Caucasus range is Mount Elbrus in the Greater Caucasus, which rises to a height of 5,642 metres (18,510 ft) above sea level.... Read more


The Caucasus Mountains are located in the middle of the Eurasian plate between Europe and Asia. Because the plate is geologically stable in this region, it is hard to determine the exact course of the continental borderline. Therefore, throughout history the borderline has changed from one place to another. The ancient Greeks saw the Bosporus and the Caucasus Mountains as the border of Europe. Later this view changed several times for political reasons. In the Migration Period and the Middle Ages, the Bosporus and the river Don divided the two continents.... Read more

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Europe, Turkey: Van

  • Greater Ararat
  • Mountaineering - 8 Day(s)
  • 1 Jun - 30 Sep
  • Moderate/ Challenging 
  • 5 people climbed it

Asia, Armenia: Aragatsotni Marz

  • Aragats
  • Mountaineering - 2 Day(s)
  • 1 Jun - 30 Sep
  • Moderate 
  • 0 people climbed it

Europe, Turkey: Iğdır

  • Little Ararat
  • Mountaineering - 2 Day(s)
  • 1 Jun - 30 Sep
  • Moderate 
  • 0 people climbed it

Georgia: Mtskheta-Mtianeti

  • 1 Aug 2017 - 9 Aug 2017
  • Kazbek(5033 m)
  • South Face


  • 8 Jul 2017 - 14 Jul 2017
  • Kazbek(5033 m)
  • North-West Face

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• Mountains near Sochi hosted part of the 2014 Winter Olympics.


• Europe's highest mountain is Mount Elbrus 5,642 m (18,510 ft) in the Caucasus Mountains.


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