Crimean Mountains

Region(s): Europe, New Zealand: (North-Western Province)
Parent Range:
Max. Elevation: 1 545 m / 5 069 ft
Geology: Tectonic
Average Length: 99 miles / 160 km
Average Width: 50 miles / 31 km


Range Name(s): Crimean Mountains
Max. Elevation: 1 545 m / 5 069 ft
Region(s): Europe
Location: Europe, New Zealand: (North-Western Province)
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Starting Point:
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Geology: Tectonic
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Average Length: 99 miles / 160 km
Average Width: 50 miles / 31 km
Marshfield Airport ()
Convenience Center(s): Cherāgh, Kārīzak, Nowsar, Ciisaay, Muḩsin Abū Ţabīkh
Crimean Nature Reserve, Orlinovsky wildlife sanctuary, Grove of beeches (wildlife sanctuary), Massif Chater-Dag


Europe, New Zealand: (North-Western Province)
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    Crimean peninsula - one of the most amazing places on Earth. Here intricately combines unspoiled nature and civilization. Southern slopes are directed towards the stunning expanse of the Black Sea, from many peaks offers spectacular views of the water surface and the panorama of the horizon. All of the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula is a resort area and it makes it easy to combine a quiet and pleasant repose with mountain sports plans.
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    Three mountain ridges form a system that stretched from Cape Aya (city balaclava), to Cape St. Elijah (Feodosiya city): The Outer Ridge is less than 350 meters and is a talus slopes (cuestas). The Internal Ridge higher and reaches 750 meters. The highest point of the system - Mount Roman-Kosh (1545 meters) is located on the Main Ridge, located along the southern coast of Crimea polustrova.
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    System of the Crimean mountains occupies the southern and south-eastern part of the Crimean peninsula, along its entire length, in fact, forming the southern coast.
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    Extreme northern point of the Crimea is located on the isthmus Perekopskyi, the southernmost - Cape Sarich, extreme western - Cape Kara-Mrun (Priboyny) on Tarkhankut, extreme east - Cape Lantern on the Kerch Peninsula. The distance from the northernmost point to the extreme south - 200 km, from the extreme   ... Read more


    Despite the general nature of the slopes of the three Ridges that form the system - steep from the south and flat from the north - the most beautiful is the Main Ridge, consisting of a chain of mountain peaks and boards.
    The southern slopes of the Main Ridge mostly are steep which snap into the sea. Here
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    Crimean mountains are also characterized by intense karst processes, which resulted in the formation of a large number of sinkholes, wells, failures and extensive caves. Among the latter, the most acquainted with and popular with tourists are Skelskaya stalactite cave, a natural monument since 1947, and the   ... Read more


    About the Crimean mountains there are many legends and stories.


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