Hindu Kush

Region(s): Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan
Parent Range:
Max. Elevation: 7 690 m / 0 ft
Geology: Tectonic
Average Length: 497 miles / 1 200 km
Average Width: 250 miles / 155 km
Image of Hindu Kush
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Range Name(s): Hindu Kush
Max. Elevation: 7 690 m / 0 ft
Region(s): Asia
Location: Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan
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Starting Point: 35.814849183731866
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Geology: Tectonic
Snow line: 4 300-5 200 m / 14 108-17 060 ft
Average Length: 497 miles / 1 200 km
Average Width: 250 miles / 155 km
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Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan
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    Only six seventhousanders of Hindu Kush's 29 are ascended by climbers. Exploring of Hindu Kush by climbing began in the '60s. But after following the outbreak of civil war in Afghanistan in 1978, the area was inaccessible to them over 20 years.
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    Hindu Kush - a relatively young mountain system, and is still rising. Most of the Hindu Kush is located on the territory of present-day Afghanistan and consists of arid mountains in height from 4000 to 5000 m. The eastern part with the highest peaks belongs to Pakistan. The main Hindu Kush mountain range with glaciers up to 20 km in length lies between Afghanistan and Pakistan and comparable to the Himalayas in hight. Only about 600 km of the Hindu Kush system is called the Hindu Kush mountains. The rest of the system consists of numerous smaller mountain ranges including the Koh-e Baba, Salang, Koh-e Paghman, Spin Ghar, Suleiman Range, Siah Koh, Koh-e Khwaja Mohammad and Selseleh-e Band-e Turkestan. The Hindu Kush mountains, shared the Western, Central and Eastern Hindu Kush. West Hindu Kush is relatively low - 3500-4000 m. Central Hindu Kush ranges are up to 6000 m and located to the east and north-east of Kabul. Eastern Hindu Kush in the western part is more than 6000m and there are large glaciers there; to the east are high-mountain desert plateau height of about 4000m with low raised over them mountains.
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    The mountain range separates Central Asia from South Asia. To the east the Hindu Kush buttresses the Pamir range near the point where the borders of China, Pakistan and Afghanistan meet, after which it runs southwest through Pakistan and into Afghanistan.
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    The first ascent of the highest peak of the mountain system was carried out in 1950 a Norwegian expedition led by Arne Næss.


    The highlands of the Hindu Kush are home to small local groups who had escaped assimilation or destruction - Nuristan, Dard and eastern Iranian peoples. In the valleys preserved to this day ancient pre-Islamic religion.


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