Range Name(s): Winston Churchill Range, Хребет Сэр Уинстон Черчилль     Geology: Tectonic
Max. Elevation: 3 747 m / 12 293 ft     Snow Line: 1 800 m / 5 906 ft
Region(s): North America     Average Length: 35 miles / 57 km
Location: Canada: Alberta, British Columbia;     Average Width: 23 miles / 14 km
Activity Type: Mountaineering, Hiking     Latitude/Longitude: 52°8'18.638''N
Parent Range: North American Cordillera     Nearest Airport(s): Edmonton International, Alta. (YEG);
National Park(s): Banff National Park; Jasper National Park;     Convenience Center(s): Jasper;


Offering visitors a more laid-back mountain experience - with

equal options for adventure, discovery and relaxation.

With nearly 1000 km of trails, thousands of campsites, wildlife

beyond measure, there are endless ways to enjoy the magic of

Jasper National Park. The second-highest peak in the Canadian

Rockies, and is the highest mountain in Alberta located here.


This compact mountain range lies in the borders of two national

parks and is quite popular among the mountaineering

community. Transport accessibility of the area is very high -

literally climbing can start from the parking lot. Here is the

Columbia Icefield which lies partly in the northwestern tip

of Banff National Park and the southern end of Jasper National

Park. It is about 3
25 km² in area, 100 to 365 metres (328 to

1,197 ft) in depth.

Some of the highest mountains in the Canada Rockies are

located around the edges (Mount Andromeda (3,450 m), Mount

Athabasca (3,491 m), Mount Bryce (3,507 m), Castleguard

Mountain (3,090 m), Mount Columbia (3,747 m), Mount King

Edward (3,490 m), Mount Kitchener (3,505 m), North Twin

Peak (3,684 m), South Twin Peak (3,566 m), Snow Dome (3,456

m), Stutfield Peak (3,450 m).
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The range located 400 km northwest of Calgary and 800 km

(500 mi) northeast of Vancouver in the heart of Canadian

Rockies. The eastern boundary of the range begins on the

western side of Sunwapta River and  Sunwapta Falls. The

western boundary of the range is defined by the Athabasca

River valley. The valley narrows as it approaches

the Continental Divide, and separates Mt. Columb
ia from Mt.

King Edward, the latter of which is not part of the range.
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North America, Canada: Alberta

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North America, Canada: Alberta, British Columbia

  • 3 456 m / 11 339 ft
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North America, Canada: Alberta

  • 3 622 m / 11 883 ft
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• Jasper National Park is the largest of Canada's Rocky Mountain Parks and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jasper spans 11,228 square kilometres and when established in 1907 was originally known as Jasper Forrest Park.



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There are over 120 active volcanoes in Indonesia, and 35 located in Bukit Barisan. The largest volcano is the supervolcano Toba within the 100 km (62 miles) × 30 km (19 miles) Lake Toba, which was created after a caldera collapse (est. in 74,000 Before Present).The eruption is estimated to have been at level eight on the VEI scale, the largest possible for a volcanic eruption.

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