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Range Name(s): Tibesti Mountains, Горы Тибести     Geology: Volcanic
Max. Elevation: 3 445 m / 11 303 ft     Snow Line: Absent
Region(s): Africa     Average Length: 217 miles / 350 km
Location: Chad: Borkou Region, Ennedi-Est, Ennedi-Ouest, Tibesti Region; Libya: Al Jufrah, Murzuq; ... Read more     Average Width: 350 miles / 217 km
Activity Type: Please update     Latitude/Longitude: 21°2'48.115''N
Parent Range: Please update     Nearest Airport(s): N'Djamena International Airport (NDJ);
National Park(s): Please update     Convenience Center(s): Faya Largeau; N’Djamena;


Definitely expedition to Tibesti is for risk-takers, looking for exclusive and exotic, ready to sacrifice comfort and safety. Chad is the most remote and least visited country in the Sahara - the geopolitical situation and the lack of infrastructure has hampered the development of tourism. Tibesti has tourism potential, with its primary attractions being the palm groves, rock and parietal art, canyons, basalt spires, volcanoes and hot springsAn expedition to Tibesti surely a groundbreaking trip for true Sahara enthusiasts and not a mass touristic program. Tibesti is a home to volcanic peaks and some of the most isolated settlements on earth with extremely breathtaking landscapes. Seeing ancient rock carvings and paintings among the stones (dating back 3-5000 years) сrossing rocky plateaux, tackling vast fields of sand dunes and following the courses of long dried up riverbeds, the landscape here is diverse and constantly changing. Meeting the locals - Tubu people, a fiercely independent group and true adepts at living in such harsh environment.
The ascent up Emi Koussi, around the Era Kohor, and then on to Yi Yerra hot springs generally takes about three days. 100 westerners have climbed the volcano since 1957.
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Tibesti is the highest mountain region in central Sahara, with a large number of extinct volcanoes of over 3000 metres in height, hot dry valleys with scattered oases and a sparse, mostly nomadic population. Plateau covers an area of 100,000 km ², which makes it a major geological structure in the Sahara.
Five volcanoes forms the array (Amy - Kusi, Tarso - Toon, Tarso - Vaughan, Tarso - Yega and T
uside), with wide bases to 80 km diameter and caldera bordered by steep cliffs. Tarso - Yega has the largest caldera - of 20 km diameter and a depth of about 300 m, while caldera Tarso - Vaughan is the deepest - up to 1000 meters, with a diameter of 12-13 km.
Volcanoes are sleeping, but geysers and hot springs are pulling from cracks in the slopes. On the tops in large calderas were formerly lakes, now that they are dry, and there is only the layer of salt.
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Located in the north of the African continent in central Sahara, midway between Lake Chad and the Mediterranean Sea. Mainly in the north of Chad and partly in southern Libya.


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Africa, Chad:

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Africa, Libya:

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Africa, Chad: Borkou Region

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Africa, Chad: Borkou Region

  • Emi Koussi
  • Mountaineering - 7 Day(s)
  • 1 Nov - 31 Mar
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• There are geysers and hot springs in the Tibesti Mountains - particularly common in the south-east - used for medicinal purposes by locals.


• While traveling through the Sahara to the Tibesti Mountains there is a chance to see a mirage. They can be seen always approximately the same location. There is even a map of the mirages, which applied about 160 000 location. On these maps even labelled what exactly usually can be seen in a particular place: wells, oases, palm groves, mountain ranges and so on.... Read more



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