Expedition Nevados Yanapaccha, Pisco (5752 m) & Chopicalqui (6354 m) More 6 photos

Expedition Nevados Yanapaccha, Pisco (5752 m) & Chopicalqui (6354 m)

Activity type: Mountaineering
Activity level: Moderate/ Challenging

1 May 2020 - 30 Sep 2020

Duration: 14 Day(s) / Tour with flexible start dates
Price: from $1350 / Negotiable

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About Yanaccha Peak: Yanapaccha is found in the Llanganuco Valley, with access via the Quebrada Demanda. It is less well known and less frequented by climbers than some other peaks.

This is a moderately difficult ascent with some steep sections and crevasses, though it is ideal peak for people without much experience or for those who have not had any formal training in mountaineering.

About Pisco Peak: Pisco Peak forms part of the chain of mountains called Huandoy Massif, located in the central part of the Cordillera Blanca. Pisco is also an excellent preparation climb for those who want to undertake the larger peaks. Reaching the summit is attainable even for people without experience but who are ready for a challenge alongside more experienced climbers. It will also prepare you for more difficult ascents. From the summit you feel as if you are on top of the world.

About Chopicalqui Peak: Chopicalqui is the third peak of the Huascarán Massif, also located in the Cordillera Blanca, between the two peaks of Huascarán and Contrahierbas. With an elevation of 6,345 meters, it is the fifth highest mountain in the department (administrative region) of Ancash, and the fourth highest in the Cordillera Blanca. It is a demanding mountain with some technical climbing and this requires previous climbing experience.

Chopicalqui is appropriate for people with significant experience and alpine skills - managing rope and crampons on snow and ice walls and with good safety technique. In some years there can be steep sections of ice climbing that require the use of two ice axes and previous experience in their use is recommended.

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Price includes

  • Acclimatization Tour
  • Peruvian qualified and experienced local guide/s
  • Entrance fees to the Huascaran National Park
  • Cooks and helpers
  • Porters
  • All meals during the tour
  • Donkey driver and donkeys
  • Camping tents (2 persons)
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Transportation as tour schedule / Huaraz
  • Pick up at the airport in Lima to the Hotel
  • Transfer from the Hotel to the airport and bus station
  • Bus tickets Huaraz/Lima, executive service in public bus-Movil Tours or Cruz del Sur
  • Hotel Kamana 2 nights in Lima
  • Hotel Casa Blanca 4 nights in Huaraz

Not included in price

  • Travel accident and health insurance
  • International flights to Lima / Peru round trip
  • Transfer from the airport for bookings of individual flights with different times of arrival / departure
  • Exit tax at the airport in Lima
  • Travel accident and health insurance
  • Luggage insurance and trip cancellation
  • Meals in restaurants in Lima and Huaraz
  • Personal equipment (such as boots, ice ax, crampons, harness, sleeping bag, mat, Goretex, etc.)
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips


Eric Albino Lliuya Peru Expeditions

 Eric Albino Lliuya Peru Expeditions 

26 years, Peru



Mountaineering, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Backcountry Skiing
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Biography About Eric Albino Lliuya a Mountain Guide from Peru

Eric Albino Lliuya

Professional guide by: AGOMP

E-mail: office@peru-expeditions.org

WhatsApp Eric Albino Lliuya 0051 943081066 - | LinkedIn |

He speaks: Spanish, Quechua, English, and some French. Currently he is learning German also.

General Sales Manager, mountaineer, tour organizer and mountain guide of Peru Expeditions Tours EIRL

Eric was born in 1984 in Unchus viallge - Huaraz, Peru. Very early he was inspired by the mountains from trips taken with his father and grandfather. At 18, he began working as a trekking and mountain guide and support his father Juventino with tourism. Juventino is a Mountain Guide AGMP-UIAGM from Huaraz, Peru.

Eric is responsible and organized groups trekking and mountaineering in the area of logistics and security in the Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Huayhuash and South America.

| CV = Curriculum vitae


• Born 01. July . 1984

• Lives in Huaraz, Ancash - Peru


High School 2002 Jorge Basadre Grohmann in Huaraz

Education/studied Centro de Estudios de Alta Montaña (CEAM), School of Mountain Guides from 2006 to 2008


• English language course intermediate VII (2006 to 2008), from Monday to Friday from 08:00 Hrs to 9:30 Hrs in the Casa de Guias - School of Mountain Guides, Parque Ginebra 28G - Huaraz city, Ancash - Perú

• German language course Module 1 to 4 (from 17 October 2011 to 26 March 2012), from Monday to Thursday from 08:15 Hrs to 12:15 Hrs in the VHS-Bildungszentrum school, Schlossergasse 8-10 Frankenthal city - Germany


• Member of DAV Summit Club - Deutsche Alpenverein since 2016, application area worldwide, especially expeditions, expedition-like things and training courses

• 'Since 2013 member of the Official Peruvian Mountain Guides Association and instructor of the mountain courses (AGOMP) in Peru

• On 15th. October 2016, take the first aid training course in Schladming - Austria with the Berg- und Schiführer Steiermark - IVBV - UIAGM - IFMGA

Working Experience:

• 2005 - 2016 mountain guide and tour leader of "Peru Expeditions Tours" and different

• A tour leader by BergSpechte Mr. Edi Koblmüller travel agency from Austria (2005-2017)

• A tour leader by Suedamerika Tours Mr. Thomas Wilken travel agency from Germany (2009-2017)

• A tour leader by 7 Summits Club 7 Summits Club Mrs. Lubmila and Mr. Alexander travel agency from Russia (2015-2017)

• A tour leader by AndeanVenture Mr. Christian Schöttle travel agency from Germany (2014-2017)

• A tour leader by Explore-Share Mr. Nicolas Vandepaer community platform from Belgium/Argentina (2013-2017)

• A tour leader by AlcostaRica Mr. Armin Liedl travel agency from Costa Rica(2006-2017)

• A tour leader by Mountaineering Association of Vojvodina Mr. Milivoj Erdeljan Association from Serbia (2013-2017)

• A tour leader by Eco Field trips Mr. Ronen Raz travel agency from Israel (2005-2017)

• A tour leader by BergHorizonte Mr. Christian Schubert travel agency from Germany (2016-2017)

• A tour leader by ProjectCordillera Mr. Sam Williams travel agency from England (2016-2017)


• Peaks 150 Team: Mammut-Project/Huascarán - Successful expedition year 2012 Huascaran North Summit

• Rescue organization recovery of bodies September,2, 2015 Huandoy Sur, Peru. Alexander Ruchkin and Vjacheslav Ivanov died on the descent on Huandoy Sur South face


• Journey through the Andean countries of South America '2005 / 2017'

• Since 2005 to 2017 guiding tours-expeditions in Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile & Argentina

• On 2011 year first visit to Europe and experience in the Alps countries as Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, etc. current location or visit is in Europe from 15th September to 13rd December 2016

General Sales Manager of: Peru Expeditons Tours

Mountaineering experience in his life

Expert Mountain Guide from Huaraz, Peru.

Eric is a guide as well sport climber, he is traveling often in South Americain and Alps of Europa for climbing and guiding and organizing trips-expedition mountaineering. He counts with more than 50 lead-expeditions to the comercial high altitude mountaineers and guidig in the Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Huayhuash and including other countries in South America as well in the alps. he led since 2005 the company Peru Expeditons Tours together with his father Juventino Martin Albino Caldua a mountain guide member of AGMP-UIAGM, in Peru his travel agency is leader in professionally managed expeditions in the Cordillera Banca and Huayhuash.

South America


» Nevado Alpamayo (5947 m)

» Nevado Huascaran Sur (6768 m) normal route and route Escudo (direct and technical sign-route ), MAMMUT Project 150 years aniversary Huascaran North Peak (6655 m)

» Nevado Tocllaraju (6034 m) normal route & record Climbing west side in 2 days

» Nevado Ranrapalca (6162 m) new route south valley Cojub

» Nevado Urus central (5495 m) new direct route south

» Nevado Chopicalqui (6354 m)

» Nevado Palcaraju central (6264 m)

» Nevado Ishinca (5530 m)

» Nevado Vallunaraju (5686 m)

» Nevado Pisco (5752 m) normal route and direct route South Face

» Nevado Diablo Mudo (5300 m) in the Huayhuash

» Nevado Maparaju (5325 m)

» Nevado Andavite (5518 m)


» Volcano Chimborazo (6310 m)

» Volcano Cotopaxi (5897 m)

» Volcano Cayambe (5790 m)

» Volcano Iliniza Norte (5126 m)

» Volcano Antisana (5758 m)

» Volcano Guagua Pichincha (4784 m)

» Volcano Rucupichincha (4698 m)

» Volcano Pasochoa (4199 m) and others.


» Mountain Condoriri summit "Cabeza de Condor" Direct Route (5648m)

» Mountain Huayna Potosi normal route (6088 m)

» Volcano Sajama (6542 m)

» Volcano Acotango (6052 m)

» Volcano Parinacota (6348 m)

» Mountain Illimani (6462 m)

» Pequeño Alpamayo (5410 m) direct route

» Cerro Kinkillosa (5008 m)

» Cerro Austria (5321 m)


» The highest volcano in the world Ojos del Salados (6893 m)

» San Pedro de Atacama - Exploring the city (2440 m)

» San Pedro de Atacama - Tour to Valle de Luna (2500 m)

» San Pedro de Atacama - Tour Exploring Guatin Canyon (3500 m)

» San Pedro de Atacama - Exploring Geyser "El Tatio" (4300 m). Highest geysers in the world

» San Pedro de Atacama - Climbing Lascar Volcano (5592 m)

» San Pedro de Atacama - Climbing Toco Volcano (5604 m)

» San Pedro de Atacama - Exploring Pukará de Quitor (2800 m) » City Copiapo - After breakfast bus transfer to Laguna Santa Rosa (3600 m)

» Laguna Santa Rosa - Transfer Laguna Verde (4400 m)

» Laguna Verde - Climbing Cerro San Francisco (6018 m)

» Laguna Verde - Transfer Refugio Atacama (5200 m) - Climbing Cerro Vicuñas (6067 m)

» Camp Atacama - Trekking up to Refugio Tejos (5820 m) - Return to Camp Atacama

» Camp Atacama - Trekking up to Refugio Tejos (5820 m)

» Region Putre - Cerro Surunche (3878 m)

» Region Putre - Hike to Lake Chungara (4600 m)

» Region Putre - Akklimatisierungstouren - Jurasi (4800 m)

» Region Putre - Cerro Guane Guane (5050 m)

» Region Putre - Village Guallatire Summit (5400 m)


» Aconcagua up to 6850M (not summit due to bad weather)

In the Alps / Europe


» September / 2015 - Ortler via Hintergrat (3905 m), Südtirol

» 2015 / 2016 - Verschiedene Kletterrouten am Gardasee (Aprodite / Porci del Ai, Moonbears, Luna de argentea, Fiaba del Bosco, Il mercurio serpegiante, Il Scalette del Indria

» April / 2016 - Klettern Tannheimer - Via Anita

» April / 2016 - Klettern Gindlkante


» April / 2012 - Schneeberg (1051 m)

» October / 2015 - Großes Wiesbachhorn via Kaindlgrat (3564 m)

» October / 2015 - Wildspitze über Breslauer Hütte (3770 m)

» May / 2016 - Skitour – Großglockner (3798 m)

» October / 2016 - Schönfeldspitze (2653 m)


» April / 2012 - Zugspitze (2962 m)

» September / 2015 – Watzmannüberschreitung (2713 m)


» October / 2015 - Versuch Matterhorn bis 4200 - Abbruch wegen Wetter

» September / 2016 - Cavadiras Südkante (2948 m)


» November / 2016 - National Park Paklenica: Rock Climbing different routes


» November / 2016 - Triglav (2864 m), via Tomineksteig and Bambergerweg



Europe: Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Switzerland

Asia: Not yet visited this place

Africa: Not yet visited this place

America: Canada

South America: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina

Central America: Not yet visited this place

Oceania: Not yet visited this place

Antarctica: Not yet visited this place

More info: https://www.peru-expeditions.org/history-biography-about-eric-albino-lliuya.php

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Peru, Ancash, Yungay Province



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Moraine Camp - Yanapaccha Summit (5460 m) - Cebollapampa
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Cebollapampa - Trekking to Pisco Base Camp - Peru Refuge (46
We leave Cebollapampa with light luggage to move to Refugio Peru, in front of the beginning of the glacier to the northwest. The group equipment is transported by burros. A 2 ½ hour climb on a good trail brings us to Pisco Base Camp, where we overnight in the refugio. Overnight Camp (B/L/D)

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Base Camp Refugio Peru - Summit Climb Pisco Peak (5760 m) -
After a very early breakfast we climb the moraine and glacier for 6-7 hours to the peak of Nevado Pisco. You are rewarded with magnificent view of the peaks of Alpamayo, Huandoys, Chacraraju, Chopicalqui, Huascaran and others. Midday return to Base Camp; a total of 10-12 hours today. Overnight at the Peru Refuge. Overnight Camp (B/L/D)

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Chopicalqui Base Camp - Ascend to Chopicalqui Moraine Camp (
After a good breakfast and a small lunch, we climb the moraine, steep in some sections, and hike along the moraine crest to Moraine Camp. 4-5 hours. Overnight Hotel (B/L/-)

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Day 13

Moraine Camp - Chopicalqui High Camp (5350 m)
First we climb over the rocky moraine to the glacier. Then over the different slopes of the glacier, crossing various crevasses to camp on the glacier at High Camp. 5-6 hours. Overnight Hotel (B/-/-)

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Day 14

High Camp - Ascend to Chopicalqui Summit (6345 m) - Base Cam
Chopicalqui is a demanding mountain, and the culmination of our expedition. Climb to the summit. There are seracs and crevasses to cross and sections of technical walls to climb. On the final section we have some 8-10 meters of 75º -80º slope. Descend to High Camp or Moraine Camp and continue to Base Camp. 10-13 hours today. Overnight Camp (B/L/D)

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Day 15

Base Camp Chopicalqui - Transfer via Quebrada Llanganuco - H
Today we prepare to leave early, from Moraine Camp or Base Camp to the highway, where we find our private bus. Now is the time to say goodbye to the Llanganuo Valley. Lodging at the hotel in Huaraz. Overnight Camp (B/L/D)

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Day 16

Transfer to the bus terminal in Huaraz for the trip to Lima.
Transfer to the bus terminal in Huaraz for the trip to Lima. Options:Flight or bus.With Bus 8 Hrs 400km or Flights are via LC-Peru and last 50 minutes. Overnight on Bus (B/-/-)

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Return to Europe or your country of origin
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