Do You Know The Coolest Capsule Hotels With A Bed In A Box

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Do You Know The Coolest Capsule Hotels With A Bed In A Box

Also known as pod hotels, capsule hotels are known to provide basic accommodation, especially for guests who cannot afford expensive hotel rooms. The first of such hotels were opened in 1979 in Osaka, Japan. Since then, the idea spread across Japan and later to other parts of the world. The room measures the height and the width of a bed and the walls are made of preferably fiberglass or plastic. You may also want to find out more at Platform Bed Frame

Here is a list of the most relaxed capsule hotel across the world.

1) Sleepbox, Moscow

The capsule hotel is located in Moscow. Just two basic things are found here, a sleek pod and shared bathrooms. If you want an entirely fuss-free capsule hotel, this is the place for you. Here everything has been made simple and classy.

2) Bloc Hotel, London Gatwick

This hotel is ideal for someone looking for an affordable place to put your head on as you wait to catch the next travel. The rooms are small, simple with perfectly framed rooms.

Hotel sleeps, Tokyo

The capsule hotel is a men-only facility. It is one of the pioneer capsule hotels in Japan and is fitted with only a bed and pods. Adjacent to it is a whisky bar and manga library.

3) Anshin Oyado, Japan

This luxurious capsule hotel is just three minutes away from Shinjuku Station, Tokyo. Here you will find a little more than the ordinary capsule hotel provides. Each room is fitted with an air conditioner, a flat-screen TV, and a tablet computer. Also, the rooms have a misting sauna and artificial hot springs. If you are looking for a platform bed for the bedroom, then find out our guide about Platform Bed Frame: Helpful Tips and Ideas at

4) CityHub, Amsterdam

The capsule hotel is fitted with classy complete bunk beds with a touch screen around the building. The rooms have interactive apps that register guest immediately they check-in. Also, in the middle of the city center is a digital concierge.

5) Book and bed, Tokyo

The capsule hotel is located in Tokyo, Japan. It is a perfect destination for book-lovers since there thousands of books trucked on shelves. There are two sizes to choose from, compact and standards. The rooms are simple with just a futon bed, a pillow, and a reading light.

6) 9 hours, Narita Airport, Kyoto, Japan

This spot provides a night's sleep as well as a nap for its customers. The well-designed pods have an exceptional mattress and extra-supportive pillows. The rooms are also fitted with an air control system. To gently wake you up is an alarm clock that replicated the light of down.


Despite being stereotyped as a place for the low-class or perhaps drunkards who are too embarrassed to go home to their families, capsule beds have continued to grow in popularity. Due to its small interior, Forbes discouraged people with claustrophobic conditions against using capsule hotels. The biggest undoing for capsule hotels is that a customer intending to spend more than a day must check in every day as a new guest. The hustle of having to look for a place to keep your bag every day discourages many people from using capsule hotels. Read more at the link best platform bed







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Sleepbox Hotel, 4-Ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, Russia

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