Expedition Name(s) Elbrus by fair means...     Group Size: 7
Alternative Name(s): Elbrus by fair means: the North-South traverse, Траверс Эльбруса с Севера на Юг... Read more     Activity Type: Mountaineering
Mountain name: Mount Elbrus     Activity Level: Challenging
Mountain Range: Caucasus Mountains     Price: $ 1180
Route Name: North-South Travers     Duration: 10 days
Country: Russia     Dates: 12 August 2017 - 22 August 2017


Being relatively accessible, Elbrus is a great choice for the first altitude climb and a good way to start your Seven Summits quest. The conventional route from the South, however, can get crowded, with people taking advantage of chair-lifts and snowcats.

Instead, we offer a completely different take on reaching the highest summit of Europe: a North-South traverse with ascending the Western summit at 5,642m! The Northern side is much less developed and acclimatisation hikes through serene landscapes feel fun rather than necessity.

No previous high-altitude experience is required, thanks to 11-days programme. The climb itself is non-technical but we may need to negotiate a few crevasses, so a brief course in glacier travel is included.

The tour is led by an independent Russian female guide, who speaks English and French and shares a lot of British culture, having lived in the UK for several years.

- Staying in huts, including a very comfortable Italian-built refuge after the descent

- Group of no more than 7 participants

- Russian cuisine at the basecamp

- Any personal gear can be rented

- Satellite text message from the summit

- Assistance with visa, registration and permit

- Guided town walks give a taster of modern Russia and traditional hospitality of the Caucasus

Participation cost is £950. The trip is guaranteed.

Detailed itinerary and FAQs https://goo.gl/eui58k
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    Day 1
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(use MRV code when searching for air tickets) We meet you at the airport and drive to a hotel in Pyatigorsk. Guided walk around the town centre of this historical spa resort, built during the Tsar times. Unlimited mineral water included!

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    Day 2
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It is a 100Km, 4-hour drive to the base camp. The area is a well-kept grassy meadow by the river, scattered with stationary tents. Inexpensive rental of sleeping bags is available. Note that bags will be included in the accommodation on the south side. There is a comfortable canteen, hot shower (included) and even a steam bath (at extra cost). For the rest of the day we ramble around the area, breeding our red blood cells. For the more determined, we offer a short hike to the mighty ‘Sultan’ waterfall with some hot mineral springs en-route.

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