Expedition Name(s) Mars Analog Climbing...     Group Size: 10
Alternative Name(s): Mars Analog Climbing Expedition, Ruta Normal, routa normale, Стандартный Маршрут... Read more     Activity Type: Mountaineering
Mountain name: Ojos del Salado     Activity Level: Moderate/ Challenging
Mountain Range: Andes     Price: $ 3000
Route Name: Normal Route     Duration: 14 days
Country: Chile     Dates: 01 February 2017 - 15 February 2017


This is an Earth-Mars astrobiology climbing science expedition, searching for life-harboring rocks at the top of the world's highest active volcano. Led by scientist, Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj from Boulder, Colorado, USA.

For more info, please see: http://scienceinthewild.com/ojos-del-salado/
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  • 1
    Day 1
  • 10 000 m / 32 808 ft
  • 160 m / 525 ft

Arughat Bazar - Arkhet Bazar - Soti Khola. he route from Arughat Bazar to Soti Khola is quite nice. It passes several villages of different culture.

  • 2
    Day 1
  • 2 000 m / 6 562 ft
  • 100 m / 328 ft

Drive up to Atacama Camp, at 5 200. Driving looks like a high altitude safari than a regular drive. Make a stop before arriving at base camp and take a short walk up to 1-2 kilometers - it improves your acclimatization.

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