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Mountain Name(s): Mount Baker, Edward Peak, Пик Эдварда, Бейкер     Geology: Tectonic
Elevation: 4844 m / 15892.4 ft     Snow line: 4800 m / 15748 ft
Summit(s): Edward Peak; (4 844 m /15 892 feet)
    Prominence: 474 m/1 555 ft
Location: Uganda(Western Region);     Isolation: 2 km/1 miles
Latitude/Longitude: 0°22'6.317''S
    Climbing Season(s): Please update
Parent Range: Great African Rift Valley     Nearest Airport(s): Entebbe Airport (EBB);
Range: Bujuku Valley     Convenience Center(s): Kasese; Entebbe;
First Ascent: 10/6/1906 Prince Luigi Amedeo (Italy)     National Park(s): Rwenzori Mountains National Park; Rwenzori Mountains National Park;

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Mount Baker is fifth highest in Africa. Ruwenzori are the few tectonic mountains, located in Africa. They are the legendary Mountains of the Moon, clouded in mystery and drizzly mist, which are referred to ancient geography as the source of the Nile.
Here are some of the highest mountains in Africa - 3th and 4th in height. At the top there are some glaciers, which are closely observed by scientists - as snow of Ruwenzori is rapidly melting.

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Mount Baker has multiple jagged peaks along a ridge. The highest is Edward Peak.
Baker is then the "easier" of the three Ruwenzori summits. Climb to Baker peak is a fantastic basically non-technical journey, however you can use ropes and harnesses for safety reasons. Baker provide easy scrambling on dry rock on several short sections, but they are all of similar difficulty.
On a clear day you will see breathtaking views of Margherita and Alexandra Peaks and panoramic views of the Rwenzori range. A truly amazing experience. This trek is relatively easy for anyone with heigh altitude experience and fit conditions.

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Baker is located 2.8 kilometres (1.7 mi) from the border with Congo.
The nearest peak is Mount Stanley which is 2.26 km to the west.

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By car from Entebbe to the city Kasesse.

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• The native name for the mountain seems to have been Kiyanja. On his 1891 Ruwenzori expedition, Franz Stuhlmann observed the peak and named it either Semper. Prince Luigi Amedeo renamed the mountain after Sir Samuel Baker, a 19th-century British explorer who in 1864 was the first European to sight and visit Lake Albert, just northeast of the Ruwenzori Mountains, and who had reported about Ruwenzori Mountains.... Read more


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