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Mountain Name(s): Mount Sidley, Sidley, Сидлей     Geology: Volcanic
Elevation: 4285 m / 14058.4 ft     Snow line: Please update
Summit(s): Main Summit; (4 285 m /14 058 feet)
    Prominence: 8 257 m/27 090 ft
Location: Antarctica     Isolation: 944 km/586 miles
Latitude/Longitude: -77°-1'-59.988''S
    Climbing Season(s): 01 Dec - 28 Feb;
Parent Range: Please update     Nearest Airport(s): Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport (PUQ);
Range: Executive Committee Range     Convenience Center(s): Punta Arenas;
First Ascent: 11/1/1990 Bill Atkinson (New Zealand)     National Park(s): Please update

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Mount Sidley is the highest volcano in Antarctica, a member of

the Volcanic Seven Summits, with a summit elevation. Less than

ten people on the planet performed the program. For the

whole history of Antarctic exploration and mountaineering, not

more than 7 people were on the top. Sidley’s spectacular

remote setting, interesting and varied climbing, and its status as

one of the Volcanic Seven Summits make it a ‘must do’ for

adventurous mountaineers.

Description Edit

It is a massive, mainly snow-covered shield volcano which is the

highest and most imposing of the five volcanic mountains that

comprise the Executive Committee Range. This huge and

remote mountain set on the flat white expanse of the Polar Ice

Sheet. The majestic, mostly-snow- covered peak features a 3

mile (5km) wide caldera and sheer walled amphitheater,

created by an explosive eruption 4.7 million years ago. Blue ice

slopes guard the upper mountain and fantastical snow

‘mushrooms’ sprout along the upper ridge, creating an

elaborate maze that leads to the summit.

Although Sidley is not technically difficult, it is a serious

mountain due to its elevation 14,058 ft (4285m), latitude (77°S),

cold –25F (-30C) and extremely remote location. You should

have experience with multi-day peaks in cold environments;

climbing at altitude >14,000 ft (4300m); and with unsupported

alpine-style ascents in winter conditions. Proficiency with an ice

axe and crampons on slopes to 45 degrees and with roped

glacier travel is essential.

The gentle slopes of volcano are almost all covered with snow

and the very top could easily be reached on skis. Modern

volcanic activity especially not manifest itself, according to

scientists last eruption occurred about 4.7 million years ago.
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Location Edit

Located in Marie Byrd Land about 300 km from the coast of

The Southern Ocean.

Getting there Edit

By plane from Punta Arenas (Chile) to Union Glacier (base

Ellsworth Mountains operated by Antarctic Logistics &

Expeditions LLC (ALE), a company that provides expedition

support and tours to the interior of Antarctica), from there by

plane to the base camp of Mount Sidley.

Or from Punta Arenas (Chile) to Patriot Hills (base Ellsworth

Mountains), from there by plane to the base camp of Mount


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You need fill out the forms for visiting Antarctica

(On the site of the operator).

You must have insurance in an amount not less than 150 000 $.

You can insure the American company Travelex


It is necessary to fill in a form on the website

Insurance companies and insurance to pay with credit card.



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• Mount Sidley was first climbed in 1990 by New Zealander Bill

Atkinson and saw it’s second ascent in 2010 by an ANI guided

party of four. The ANI team established a new route up the east

ridge and traversed all three summits.

In 2013 the next expedition took its place - Russian girl Olga

ntseva along with two other expedition members. She

was summiting Sidley while performing her 7 volcanoes

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