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Mountain Name(s): Dhaulagiri, Дхаулагири, धौलागिरी, dhaulāgirī, White Mountain, Weißer Berg, Dhaulāgiri, Daulagiris, Dhaulagiri, Dhaulágirí, धौलागिरी हिमाल, ダウラギリ, 道拉吉里峰, 다울라기리 산, Белая гора, White Mountain... More     Geology: Tectonic
Elevation: 8167 m / 26794.6 ft     Snow line: 5000 m / 16404 ft
Summit(s): Dhaulagiri III; (7 715 m /25 312 feet)
Dhaulagiri II; (7 751 m /25 430 feet)
Dhaulagiri I; (8 167 m /26 795 feet)
Dhaulagiri IV; (7 661 m /25 135 feet)
Dhaulagiri V; (7 618 m /24 993 feet)
Dhaulagiri VI; (7 268 m /23 845 feet)
    Prominence: 469 m/7 844 ft
Location: Nepal(Central Region);     Isolation: 318 km/197 miles
Latitude/Longitude: 28°41'48.053''N
    Climbing Season(s): 01 Mar - 31 May;
01 Oct - 30 Nov;
Parent Range: Himalaya     Nearest Airport(s): Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM);
Range: Dhaulagiri Himal     Convenience Center(s): Pokhara;
First Ascent: 13/5/1960 Nyima Dorje , Nawang Dorje , E. Forrer , A. Schelbert , Kurt Diemberger (Austria)... More     National Park(s): Please update

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Mount Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world. It is an enormous Himalayan massif, located in north central Nepal. It is the highest mountain located entirely within Nepal. Mount Dhaulagiri' s crest stretches for thirty miles, lending structure to an otherwise tangled topography of twisting ridges, glaciers, and ice falls. Along the main crest, several pyramid-shaped peaks rise. Four of these summits, numbered from east to west, rise above 25,000 feet.

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The main summit of Mt. Dhaulagiri is 8167m whereas the same massif of 5 major peaks is with prominence ranging from 135m to 3357m. Mt. Dhaulagiri is known to the world as the 7th highest peak. The mountain is of more formidable peaks to climb with the first successful summit only in 1960. In terms of rise above the terrain Dhaulagiri is unparallel as it rises 7000m over Kali Gandaki valley with horizontal length of 30km, which by any standard is an impressive statistic.

In the Expedition of Mt. Dhaulagiri the vast majority of ascents till date have been made via the first ascent route,
which is known as the "Normal Route" on the mountain. However several other ascents have been made from almost every direction. The massif Dhaulagiri has 5 ridges and two faces known as south and west faces, which raise 4000m from their Base Camps, offering opportunities to develop many interesting routes from Italian, Swiss and French camps.... Read more

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It is located in the west central part of Nepal. There are two main possibilities to reach the base camp. Both ways start from south at the small town of Beni (860 m) which can by reached by bus from Pokhara and Kathmandu.

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Drive to Pokhara, then driving to Beni Bazaar and trekking from there along the Kali Gandaki Valley through Tatopani (1189m) - Ghasa (2012m) - Marpha (2667m) - Yak Kharka (3680m) - Dhaulagiri Base Camp (4700m). The trek to the Base Camp takes 5 days.

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You’ll need a special permit for a climb. The rules constantly change but it is easy to get the permit on arrival in Kathmandu in Nepal Tourism Board or via touristic agency.

Asia, Nepal: Western Region

  • Dhaulagiri
  • Hiking - 13 Day(s)
  • 1 Apr - 31 May
  • Challenging 
  • 0 people climbed it

Asia, Nepal: Western Region

  • Dhaulagiri
  • Hiking - 12 Day(s)
  • 1 Mar - 31 May
  • Challenging 
  • 0 people climbed it

Asia, Nepal: Central Region

  • Dhaulagiri
  • Mountaineering - 46 Day(s)
  • 1 Oct - 30 Nov
  • Tough 
  • 2 people climbed it



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• It is the highest mountain located entirely in Nepal. Dhaulagiri crest is approximate 30 miles long, with 4 summits that rise above 25,000 feet.


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