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Natasha Poletaeva

38 years, Russia

10 months ago

Elbrusiada 2018: Group Ascent to Elbrus

The Russian Mountaineering Federation invites you to enroll the mass ascension to the highest European point, Mount Elbrus (5 642 m) — Elbrusiada 2018.

08-17 June, 2018

Russia, Kabardino-Balkaria

Every year up to 100 climbers from all other the world participate to this long-standing tradition.

Participants must be 18 years old at the moment of the beginning of the event. During the past years, alpinists from Japan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Belarus came to Russia for it.

Climbing Elbrus with professionals from the Russian Mountaineering Federation is an opportunity to make your first climb to an important peak and in the company of experienced guides if you are a beginner; as for experienced climbers, they are given the opportunity to transfer their personal experience and contribute to the popularization of safe mountaineering.

Priorities of the organizers:

- Safety of all participants, which are provided by rescuing-climbers and mountaineering instructors (one guide for three persons during the ascent)

- Extended acclimatization program in order to increase successful climbing chances

- Adherence to the culture of safe mountain ascents, education of respectful and careful attitude to the mountains

- Creation of a friendly atmosphere, assistance in any issues, experience sharing.

As a rule renowned Russian mountaineers, members of famous world expeditions and Everest climbers participate in Elbrusiade.

Participation conditions:

The participation fee for the group climb is $490 / €400.

This fee includes:

- Guide assistance for acclimatization and climbing for 8 days (group of 6 people during acclimatization and group of 3 people during the ascent).

- Certificate of insurance (financial recompense)

- Package of Elbrusiada participant (bib, sponsored gifts and one branded T-shirt).

This fee does not include:

- Flight to the city of Mineralnye Vody

- Travel, accommodation and meals

- Equipment rental

- Other personal expenses.

For mountain guides:

Groups of 3 to 6 people, accompanied by employed guide, pay only the entrance fee — $110 / €90 per person. For guides participation is free!

The Russian Mountaineering Federation helps foreign citizens to obtain a Russian visa (official invitation), arrange transfers and book accommodation, as well as rent equipment.

Detailed information and advice:

Marina Sivokon



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