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Africa’s Top Trekking Destinations

It is no news that Africa offers some of the world’s best wildlife and cultural experiences.  But how come people hardly talk about the superabundance of extremely beautiful trekking trails? 

Africa’s Top Trekking Destinations

Each trail gives a distinct experience that is worth the hike. In no particular order, here are the top trekking destinations in Africa. Bring your hiking boots along and get ready to have a one on one experience with nature. 

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Any list of Africa’s top trekking destinations without Mount Kilimanjaro is incomplete. With an impressive 5,895m height, it is no wonder it is known as the “Roof of Africa.” There are a lot of routes to trek, one of the most popular ones being the Machame Route. This route is also one of the most challenging ones and take about a week to complete.

While it does require some level of fitness, it is one of the few treks at these heights that can be done by most people even without much mountain experience. A typical day on Mount Kilimanjaro starts in your camp, waking up to enjoy a hot cup of coffee with breakfast before you pack up and set out on your trek for the day. At night, you set up camp again and get to enjoy a hot meal while enjoying the sunset before you hit your bed for the night.

It is strongly advised that you hire guides and porters to carry equipment with you. Other than this, it is a beautiful trek passing through different climate zones, giving you a trek to remember.

The best time to trek Kilimanjaro are January to March and June to October.

Sentinel Peak Hike, South Africa

Located in Drakensberg, South Africa, Sentinel Peak offers some of the greenest views you will ever see. The trek to the peak isn’t fraught with any kind of difficulty at all. It is mostly a flat trek all the way to the top which makes it perfect for beginners.

The only challenge you might have, is the chain link ladder for those scared of heights. On the flip side, if you walk across the ladder, you will get to the picturesque Tugela Falls where the peak borders with Lesotho.

All in all, it’s about a four-hour trip there and back and if you’re considering going, the best times to visit are from March to April.

Africa’s Top Trekking Destinations

Livingstonia, Malawi

Livingstonia is a town nestled in the northern Malawi mountains. If you’re considering this trek, the easiest will be to leave from Khondowe. Of course, there are trucks present but the trek up the mountain barely takes three hours and leads you up to Livingstonia, a beautiful throwback to a missionary settlement that is about 900 meters above Lake Malawi.

The trek itself has steep points that requires a medium level fitness. A guide is advised as the trail itself is not straight forward but takes you from grasslands through to rolling hills and plateaus. When you get to the top, it is recommended you try the coffee made from locally grown beans, visit Livingstonia missionary church and the local shops that dot the area.

The best time to visit is in October but prepare for the heat from the sun and make sure to bring enough water.

Ameln Valley, Morocco

Ameln Valley is deep in the heart of the Anti-Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The trail gives you an opportunity to experience wildlife up close and personal; wild boars, snakes amongst others.

The trek itself isn’t particularly strenuous and only takes about half a day to complete. One of the incredible things about this trail is how friendly and welcoming the people are. You might get an invitation to drink mint tea over conversation.

Usually the trek starts from the outside of the village of Tafraoute and winds through the notable lion face shaped cliff, taking you to the foot of the majestic mountains. You can hike through this area all year long.

Mount Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo

This mountain has one of the world’s largest lava lakes. One of the few active volcanoes in Africa, this mountain poses a difficult trek to the top. Optimum level of fitness is needed to get up to the peak through ascending rock outcroppings made even more challenging by the lava lake and loose stones.

The hike upwards usually takes about six hours to get to the peak but it’s definitely worth to see the view from the top. It’s perfect to visit all year round.

Simien National Park, Ethiopia

A trek in the Simien Mountains National Park in Ethiopia can either be done as a day trip, a longer four to five day trip or even longer depending on your level of fitness and interest. A trek through the park will show you unique wildlife like the mountain goat and the gelada monkeys that populate the areas surrounding the park.

The park itself is a mix of grassland and jagged peaks with grand waterfalls in between. It is a great way to experience the majesty of Ethiopia first hand.

The best times to visit are September to November. 

Unique sights are just waiting to fill your eyes. What are you waiting for?  Hike through any of Africa’s top trekking destinations today.

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