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We at Mountain Planet prioritize safety and not only in the mountains. Thing are changing every day and there is so much that is still unknown. We want you to keep on planning your next mountain trip and not worry about cancellations. We guarantee 100% refund if you have payed deposit for the climb in the period of 15th March'20 - 15th June'20, and your plans have changed due to Coronavirus precaution measures (borders closed, flights cancelled, visa problems, etc). If you booked before or after that period, we are still very flexible and will be able to offer you change of dates or deposit transfer to another mountain destination free of charge.

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6195 m / 20325 ft
2095 m / 6873 ft

Best time of the year


Basic information

Total route length:
22 km / 14 miles ?
25 days / 23 nights?
Vertical gain:
4100 m / 13451 ft?
Starting / finishing point:
Anchorage / Talkeetna

Requested level

Fitness level: ?
Climbing technique: ?
climb Everest - brief graph
climb Everest - brief climb Everest - brief

Denali (formerly known as Mount McKinley) - is the tallest mountain in North America, and the third highest of the Seven Summits. First climbed in July 1913, now it is one of the most popular destinations attracting adventurers looking for an unforgettable journey from all over the world. It is important to keep in mind that 6000 meters on the Denali is equivalent to approximately 7500 meters somewhere in the Himalayas. Of course, this is not a precise reference, but only related to how these vertical meters makes your body feel.

Climbing season on Denali is very short, and it is quite difficult to say which month in particularly is the best one to climb: at the beginning of the season you have to deal with -30-40 degrees below zero while at the end of the season when it is much warmer you face a risk of falling into crevasse. At the beginning of the season the weather is slightly more stable than at the end. If you are not afraid of queues on the fixed ropes and overcrowded high camps, then choose the very middle of the season. It won't be so cold, and perhaps the glaciers will still be quite passable.




Most of the companies have narrow number of starting dates of the climbs. That limits the travelers flexibility and not always convenient.

We are different in that approach and offer a vast variety of starting dates - almost every day - to fit your schedules and desires.

Avaliable dates in 2019:
03.11.2019 - 23.11.2019
Available places
May 4 – May 27
May 7 – May 30
May 10 – June 2
May 12 – June 1
May 13 – June 2
May 13 – June 5
May 14 – June 3
2 spots left
May 17 – June 9
sold out
May 22 – June 11
May 23 – June 12
sold out
May 24 – June 16
May 28 – June 20
May 30 – June 19
May 31 – June 20
sold out
May 31 – June 23
June 4 – June 27
June 7 – June 30
June 8 – June 28
sold out
June 9 – June 29
2 spots left
June 15 – July 8
June 17 – July 7
June 18 – July 8
June 19 – July 12 SKI!
June 21 – July 14


  • Round-trip flight to Kahiltna Glacier Base Camp
  • All group camp supplies, such as tents, stoves, etc.
  • All group climbing gear
  • All meals during expedition (while on the mountain)
  • All guide fees


  • Transportation to Alaska/Talkeetna — expeditions begin in Talkeetna
  • Wire transfer fee of $25 (if applicable)
  • Guide tips
  • Meals & lodging in Talkeetna
  • Some supplemental snacks such as candy bars – see confirmation materials
  • Personal gear (see Gear List)
  • All expenses incurred from in the event of early departure (evacuation fees, transport, extra hotel nights, etc.)
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Personal expenses (i.e., laundry, mail, telecommunications)
  • Charges incurred as a result of delays beyond the provider's control, like International weather delays
  • Trip cancellation insurance (highly recommended)
  • The $370.00 park fee, which is paid directly to the National Park ($270.00 park fee for those under 24 years of age)

Your adventure experts


Joe Glickman, New York Times

“Climbing Mt. McKinley with Alpine Ascents transformed a cold, logistically complicated climb into a rewarding, simple, and even socially rewarding experience. The food was plentiful and nourishing and the climbing schedule was demanding but sensible. These guys have been up the mountain long enough to dial in what works. Overall, if you want a good shot at climbing a tough mountain, go with Alpine Ascents”.

Tim, a 2019 Denali Climber

“I can’t say enough good things about the guide team I had. Peter took command and control of every situation and made the correct decision every time. I would like to do Mt. Vinson and I would definitely sign up with AAI if Peter was guiding the expedition. Kristie and Robin were fantastic as well. They knew the right balance of helping out when in need and when to push the team a little harder”.

Walter, a 2019 Denali climber

"The expedition has been a great experience in every way. All the factors that intervene in this program make it literally an incredible experience for a lifetime. The landscape, strong and great leadership of the team of guides make the expedition to Denali something that can be fully enjoyed".

Christian, a 2019 Denali Climber

"All three guides were very patient and hands on, helping everyone in the team whether it was with new skills or refreshing exciting ones. There was plenty of practical learning/teaching before we ever left Talkeetna, not to mention on the mountain itself. Plus all three guides had great anecdotes!"

Ben, a 2018 Denali Climber

"Climbing Denali with this Alpine Ascents team has been the highlight of my mountaineering experience. This was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but our team had great chemistry and worked together towards the goal of everyone making the summit together. Best trip I’ve ever been on".


Additional information

Telephone communications

Telephone communications

There is signal on some sections of the route. We recommend you to use the satellite phone, since it weighs not much more than a cell phone, but it works at any point of the route.

Food and Snacks

Food and Snacks

For snacks on the mountain during the day and at night, consider getting additional items such as energy bars, gorp, candy, cheeses, sausage, jerky, bagels, crackers, drink mix and etc. About 15 lbs. total for two weeks is normal. Variety is the key.



Denali requires proficiency in basic mountaineering skills, including: expedition camping skills, cramponing, walking on snow, self-arrest, crevasse rescue and glacier travel on a rope team. Take a course if needed to excel your skills.

Climb permits

Climb permits

All climbers are required to register with the ranger’s station located in the city of Talkitna, at least 60 days before the beginning of the expedition. Registration and payment for permission can be made online with a credit card on the official Denali National Park website.

Porter assistance

Porter assistance

Keep in mind that there are no porters on Denali, and you will have to carry all your expedition cargo yourself. This means that for at least a week for 6-8 hours a day you will travel with a backpack weighing up to 25 kilograms on your shoulders and with sledges weighing up to 30 kilograms.

A limit on the number of climbers

A limit on the number of climbers

There is a limit of 1,500 climbers on Denali from April 1 to August 1. There is not a daily or weekly limit, only a seasonal limit.

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