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We at Mountain Planet prioritize safety and not only in the mountains. Thing are changing every day and there is so much that is still unknown. We want you to keep on planning your next mountain trip and not worry about cancellations. We guarantee 100% refund if you have payed deposit for the climb in the period of 15th March'20 - 15th June'20, and your plans have changed due to Coronavirus precaution measures (borders closed, flights cancelled, visa problems, etc). If you booked before or after that period, we are still very flexible and will be able to offer you change of dates or deposit transfer to another mountain destination free of charge.

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2917 m / 9570 ft
1087 m / 3569 ft

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Basic information

Total route length:
30 km / 19 miles ?
2-4 / 1-3 ?
Vertical gain:
1830 m / 6003 ft?
Starting / finishing point:
Litochoro / Gkortsia

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Fitness level:
Climbing technique:
climb Everest - brief graph
climb Everest - brief climb Everest - brief

Mount Olympus is the tallest mountain in Greece, with its highest peak being 2,917 meters tall. The first Olympus expedition happened in the year 1913, when Swiss climbers Frederic Boissonas and Daniel Baud-Bovy and their local guide Christos Kakalos have climbed Mytikas peak, the summit of mount Olympus. In 1938, Olympus became the first national park in Greece and since is carefully watched over by the government in order to maintain and preserve its incredible, unique nature, which is truly its biggest highlight. The national park houses more than 1700 species of plants, animals and birds.

Hiking in the Olympus Natural Biosphere Reserve and climbing the mountain is relatively easy and highly enjoyable. Trekking and climbing Olympus takes 2 to 5 days, depending on your needs and interest in seeing surrounding areas. During this time, you will get to experience beautiful sights of ravines, valleys, plateaus and, of course, mighty mountains. You will hike along mount Olympus trail for 3-8 hours per day and follow good forest paths mostly; above the tree line, the terrain varies from grassy uplands to rocky ridges, with some scrambling required for the peak ascents. A good level of fitness and experience is required to climb the peak. Please keep in mind that our guides reserve the right to make the final decision if the group will climb to the final peak.

Travel Options



Most of the companies have narrow number of starting dates of the climbs. That limits the travelers flexibility and not always convenient.

We are different in that approach and offer a vast variety of starting dates - almost every day - to fit your schedules and desires.

Avaliable dates in 2019:
03.11.2019 - 23.11.2019
Available places
Open dates are also available on demand, please contact us for more info!
2-days program:
June 10-11
July 01-02
July 14-15
August 09-10
August 19-20
September 02-03
September 15-16
October 12-13
3-days program:
June 14-16
June 28-30
July 05-07
July 28-30
August 03-05
August 16-18
September 07-09
September 17-19
October 05-07
October 19-21
4-Days program:
June 22-25
July 20-23
August 24-27
September 22-25


  • Accommodation in refuges on Mt. Olympus
  • English speaking guide
  • All the guide expenses
  • Transfer Litochoro – Prionia - Litochoro
  • All the Taxes


  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks and beverages
  • Meals (optional)
  • Optional gratuities to leader, guides and local staff
  • Transport from Athens or other towns to / from Litochoro
  • Overnight Taxes
  • Tips


Michael, GB

2,917 on the top of Mytikas! At the Olympus summit! At the home of Zeus! Amazing landscape and energy. We followed the mount Olympus trailhead and reached Refuge A and Mytikas! The mountain is beautiful, the refuge amazing and the whole experience difficult but rewarding.

Jody, USA

Climbing Mount Olympus was an incredible experience, one place you must see with your own eyes. The summit may be challenging for some with fear of heights or limited fitness however is well worth the climb. An enchanting and unforgettable place!

Frank, Germany

Undeniable, unimaginable beauty, full of nature, green, fresh air, hiking into the woods and then an alpine breathtaking landscape.


Additional information

Carrying Your Equipment

Carrying Your Equipment

Travellers must carry all their equipment. There are no human porters available on the mountain, so pack smart and evaluate your capabilities adequately.



The weather conditions on Mt.Olympus are generally unpredictable and temperatures can vary widely. Generally the temperature falls to 1°C per 200m of altitude. As the altitude rises, the phenomena are more intense and the variations of temperature and humidity are often sudden. The weather may change several times in the same day. In summer, rainfalls are frequent, commonly as evening thunderstorms, many times accompanied by hail and strong winds.

Technicality and Difficulty

Technicality and Difficulty

Except for the last 200 m. of vertical climb, involving the summit of Mytikas (2,919 m.), which is a UIAA level 2 technical scrambling/climbing route, the rest of the route is easy or medium difficulty hiking path. Ropes though not necessary, are being used for extra safety. The second highest summit, Skolio, (2,911 m.) is only 8 meters lower, has an equally amazing summit view, a summit log book, and can be reached by easy/medium difficulty hiking path, without any steep sections. Finally, on the hiking paths accessing the summits there are some sections of impressive drops next to the otherwise easy hiking path that could be scary for people with fear of heights, although they don’t pose any significant danger, as the path is relatively safe.